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Which Gluten Free Flour To Use In Pancakes For the Best Texture

The best gluten free flour to use in any specific recipe or use comes down to various points. But in our study of gluten free flour for pancakes, we want to look at the texture these flours create using the same pancake recipe.

The best texture for pancakes of any gluten free flour we tested was White Gold Gluten Free Bread Flour. This one gave us a fluffy texture that didn’t deflate. It was soft and had a great mouthfeel. It did not create a chewy or grainy texture. We recommend using White Gold Gluten Free Bread Flour for the best texture for pancakes.

For complete results for the experiments we did with pancakes, please see the full guide by clicking here. For more information on the texture for each flour, see below.

The Best Texture For Gluten Free Pancakes – Ranked By Flours

I wanted to try as many types of gluten free flour using the same recipe as I could to compare how gluten free flour blends replace “regular” flour in recipes.

To do this, I used the same recipe for all the blends. You can find the basic recipe I used by clicking here.

For texture specifically, I looked at several things. I wanted fluffy pancakes, but some blends create fluffy pancakes that end up falling and deflating as you cut into them.

Some blends create a gritty texture or even a rubbery texture on the other end of the spectrum. The rankings are subjective to what we preferred, but I’m hoping that you will find the one that will work best for you and your preferences by writing these out.

Here is how we ranked them for texture:

  1. White Gold Gluten Free Bread Flour
  2. Pamela’s Bread Flour
  3. Caputo Gluten Free Bread and Pizza Flour
  4. GF Jules Gluten Free Flour
  5. Cup4Cup Multipurpose Flour
  6. Navigating Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
  7. Domata Gluten Free Flour
  8. Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix
  9. Better Batter Gluten Free Pancake and Baking Mix
  10. Namaste Perfect Flour Blend

See the sections below for more information on the texture of each flour blend using the pancakes recipe.

10. Namaste Perfect Flour Blend


I had to add extra water to the batter in order to spread the batter on the skillet. While cooking it puffed up nicely.

I’ve used this mix in the past and had success, so when they fell during cooling and had a gummy texture on the inside and a porous, almost sticky texture on the outside, I was disappointed.

9. Better Batter Gluten Free Pancake and Baking Mix


Even though I had to make some alterations to this recipe to make this flour blend work for pancakes, I had high expectations as the pancakes puffed up and looked fluffy in the pan.

However, I was disappointed when I stacked them up as they came out of the skillet and saw them shrivel up as they sat while the rest of the batter cooked.

You may be able to see in the picture, the pancakes on the top look nice, but the ones towards the bottom look more wrinkly.

Unfortunately, this ended in dense pancakes.

8. Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix


The texture for Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix was acceptable, which is why I rate it above the 50 mark.

It didn’t fall like some others did after baking, and was tender.

However, it was slightly on the grainy side, which is why this flour mix landed in this position. Due to the batter consistency, it cooked inconstiantly.

I have rated this lower than I may otherwise if this wasn’t specially formulated for pancakes.

7. Domata Gluten Free Flour


While the texture of the batter was the main issue with this blend, it runs over into the texture when the batter is as thick as it was.

While the texture was okay, it was rather on the dense side.

6. Navigating Gluten Free All Purpose Flour


This flour was my own blend of flour that I created when we were only a year into the gluten free journey. I am trying to judge these without bias.

This is the flour I’ve used for most pancakes, so we are used to it. You can see in the picture that it makes a nice stack and gets fluffy.

However, as it cools down, it tends to deflate a little. That is the only negative we have on this blend.

5. Cup4Cup Multipurpose Flour


I was very pleased with the texture of these pancakes.

After the pancakes were cooked and stacked up, they didn’t deflate. And if some seemed to have deflated slightly, it wasn’t much.

Overall, I enjoyed the texture but felt like there were some improvements that could be made as well.

4. GF Jules Gluten Free Flour


The texture was much better than I anticipated from the list of ingredients. I was afraid with the high content of starches that they might be gummy and that they would lose all the volume created during cooking.

I love being pleasantly surprised. They did deflate slightly, but it was hardly noticeable and took a while to do so.

The texture was very pleasant while eating it and it absorbed the syrup well.

Based solely on how it turned out for the end product, I’d use it again.

3. Caputo Gluten Free Bread and Pizza Flour


I’ve enjoyed this flour blend for many different recipes. I thought I would enjoy the pancakes a bit more than we did.

They created a nice fluffy pancake but did deflate slightly.

However, the real issue was they got a little rubbery. I am willing to say that is due to not being used to flour with gluten.

This is a gluten free flour blend, but it contains wheat and needs mentioning if anyone has a wheat sensitivity or allergy that you are cooking for.

2. Pamela’s Bread Flour


The texture on this pancake was just fabulous. I decided to try another bread flour mixture because the White Gold Gluten Free Bread Flour worked so well. I was not disappointed.

It was not tough or rubbery, it was firm while easy to cut and eat, it stayed fluffy after sitting. It was everything I was looking for.

1. White Gold Gluten Free Bread Flour


I am hesitant to give it a perfect score, but I find it hard to believe we could find something better.

They created a very fluffy texture, which stayed when they cooled down and when they were cut into.

They absorbed the syrup nicely and had a great mouthfeel.

We were so pleasantly surprised when we tried this blend!