Banana and Sunbutter Gluten Free Tortilla Rollups

This is one of those meals that is extremely fast and easy to make when you are short on time and ingredients. Plus, it’s a great addition to a lunch box that kids love!

I used big corn tortillas for this recipe, but you could easily use any gluten-free flour tortillas that you love. The Mission brand is great for ones that do not need to be warmed to be easily flexible. My favorites are the cauliflower tortillas. You can find all of them on Amazon.Opens in a new tab.

If you are using corn tortillas, make sure that you heat them in a pan before rolling. Most corn tortillas are sold slightly undercooked. The expectation is that you will cook them before eating.

Plus, you will want to make sure they are warmed, so they become flexible.

I used peanut butter for these, but use sun butter if you are packing a school lunch and need a nut-free version. Even if the kid isn’t wild about it, I find that the banana flavor is strong enough to don’t mind in this application.


My passion is supporting those who need to be gluten free. After my family had to transition to eating gluten free I realized how difficult it is. It is more than finding a recipe. It is about how to navigate social situations, deal with isolation, and other things that come along with it. I live in Oregon with my family, cats, and chickens.

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