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Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets Review

I am always looking for good gluten free chicken nuggets. I loved the idea of getting to try jalapeno poppers, especially low-carb ones made with chicken so I wanted to review them for others that might be looking.

Feelgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets reviewed only get 1 out of 5 stars. Flavorless, soggy, and flying under the low bar of gluten free goods is Feelgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets, both Jalapeno and Artichoke flavors. The recommendation is to try another brand or product.

I tested the recommended cooking methods on the back as well as one I thought had the best chance of giving good results. I relied on my husband and my kids to help make the determinations in this review.

Gluten Free Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets Findings

I was really hoping for a better result from these than I ended up with. I didn’t go into this product review with low expectations, but with the hope, I’d found something tasty I could continue to buy for my family. I had hoped my children would enjoy them and get just a little vegetable in with the chicken nuggets.

Unfortunately, my children refused to eat more than a bite or two. I can’t really blame them.

This product does NOT get the stamp of approval from the kids. (And my kids eat just about anything!)

I prepared both flavors of chicken nuggets in each of the suggested ways on the back of the box. I also pan-fried some to test another method out that I thought would have good luck.

None of the methods produced palatable results.

The worse by far was the microwaved version which I hate to report tasted more like a soggy washcloth than anything else. Neither the oven- nor pan-fried versions came out even close to crispy, but at least they lacked the soggy texture of the microwaved version.

The filling was lacking in flavor and in substance. They had hardly any filling and the artichoke version didn’t even contain anything resembling vegetation.

My husband and kids are not even close to picky eaters. They may each have foods they won’t eat, but these products contain none of them. I never thought I’d see the day when chicken nuggets didn’t get eaten in my house. Especially ones filled with cheese.

A big thumbs down from everyone here.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets Failed The Kid Test

These kids love chicken nuggets in a way that only children who get homecooked meals the majority of the time can love chicken nuggets. And I’ve managed to find quite a few gluten free chicken nuggets that have passed their test, unfortunately, Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets wasn’t one of them.

They wouldn’t eat them dipped in ranch, on top of pizza, or in ketchup. This is the ultimate dismissal. They will eat just about anything if you cover it in ketchup.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets do not pass the kid test.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets – Taste

Just the words “stuffed chicken nuggets” imply something crispy, flavorful, and a little bit extra.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets were none of those.

These were made by taking chicken, pulverizing it, and forming it with a hole in the middle. The filling is then injected in. How I know this is they were not even half full with filling and where the nozzle was inserted to put the fillings in is exactly where they came out when cooking in every method.

The lack of filling greatly impacted the flavor of the product. In the photo above you can see the lack of filling. Each of those pieces was cut in half and all filling is visible. Some of it did end up on the plate while it was microwaved, however.

Even when the filling was eaten directly it was underwhelming, neither flavor had much punch or discernable taste. Both flavors were greatly improved when they were dipped in ranch. After I added that, each flavor started to come through. But it still wasn’t particularly flavorful and the jalapeno didn’t even carry a hint of spice.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets – Texture

An assumption when you try some chicken nuggets is the outside should be crispy, or at least slightly crunchy.

This task is made more difficult without any grains, as Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets are grain-free. The outside is obviously coated with something that looks like it should get a little crispy.

With the exception of the microwave, the outside did get crisp to the touch, but not enough to transfer as any texture when eating it. If they had at least been crispy on the outside, it would have been such an improvement.

Inside the texture wasn’t much better. The worst by far was the microwaved version. I think the oven and frying pan were able to dry out the chicken enough so it wasn’t soggy. But the microwave enhanced that part of the product.

The chicken itself wasn’t awful in the oven and pan-fried versions.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets – Best Cooking Method

There are two cooking methods recommended on the back of each box: microwave and oven. I decided to add one more method to test: pan-fried.

Microwaved Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets

I followed the directions on the back of the box to microwave one of each flavor. They were microwaved for a little over 40 seconds. You can see in the picture above how much filling came out. I turned them over and microwaved it for another 30 seconds.

One of the nuggets stuck to the plate and ripped when it came off. The fillings spilled all over the plates as you can see in the photos, and the outside was extremely soft. This was the worst result of the three cooking methods.

Oven-Baked Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets

Next, I cooked the nuggets in the oven. I preheated it to 400 F and put them on a tray in the oven for about 6 minutes, then turned them over and cooked it for another 6 minutes.

Some filling had escaped during cooking but not nearly as much as the ones that were microwaved.

The outside did not get crispy, but it did darken and turn brown.

Pan-Fried Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets

This one is my personal addition. I put some olive oil in a pan on medium-high and added the Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets when the pan was hot. I turned them as needed until they were dark.

It was surprising how even fried in oil the nuggets did not get crispy. The outside seemed crispy at first, but it didn’t transfer. Still, this was the best of all three cooking methods I tried.

Realgood Stuffed Chicken Nuggets – Recommendations

This review may seem a bit harsh, but if it is too much it is because I really wanted this to be good.

I don’t want to end this review by saying “just run!” because I really appreciate having options in the stores. I do wish that we could have options that tasted good. Not everything needs to fit into as many fad diets as possible. This particular product seems to be targeting Keto and Paleo diets as well. It contains egg and milk so they are not likely targeting allergy shoppers.

Dip: If you cook these, I highly recommend a flavorful dip. I found that when I added Ranch dressing the other flavors came through much better. I am just guessing here, but I think the addition of salt would do wonders.

Cooking Method: I highly recommend cooking these by pan-frying them. I didn’t try air-frying, but that would work well too. However, pan-frying will get these crispier. I wouldn’t use them in my air fryer because they leak the filling and it is hard to clean up.

Serving: I can’t recommend serving these as the nuggets they claim to be. However, they might be good on sandwiches or used as an ingredient.

This product does not pass the test of “would I purchase this product again.” Everyone in my family requested that we never buy them again (without asking them if they’d like them again).

There are many gluten free chicken nuggets out there that we have enjoyed and I’d recommend every single one of them over Realgood.