How Much Is Gluten Free Bread? With Cost Comparison Charts

One of the first things we learn when shopping gluten free is that gluten free bread is smaller and costs more. But what brand is the best? What brand will give you the most bread for your money? Let’s explore with some cost comparison charts and get the most for your money.

Gluten free bread ranges from 4.99 to 9.99 in our research of 8 top gluten free bread brands. Some bread had fewer, larger slices while other brands had more, smaller slices. Loaves ranged from 5 slices to 17 slices. Loaves ranged from $4.99 to $9.99. They weighed between 240 and 595 grams.

If you are interested in a review of gluten free breads based on taste and texture, check out this article.

What Gluten Free Breads Did You Research?

This article will go in-depth on how much a loaf of gluten free bread costs. We found some very interesting (and unexpected) results. But first – what breads did we include?

We wanted to use 8 of the most popular bread brands. We also wanted to use bread brands that were widely available to most of our readers. The bread brands we used can all be ordered online.

Udi’s White Sandwich Bread

Franz Gluten Free Mountain White Bread

Schar Deli Style Bread

Little Northern Bakehouse Seeds & Grains Gluten Free Bread

Katz Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

Canyon Bakehouse 7 Grain San Juan Bread

365 by Whole Foods Market White Gluten Free Sandwhich Bread

Rudi’s Bakery Gluten Free Multigrain


For this look at gluten free bread costs across brands, the prices were all pulled from I frequently see many of the breads at lower prices in my local supermarket. For the sake of this article, I have chosen to use prices all from one source instead of finding the lowest price possible for each brand.

365 by Whole Food Market is an Amazon-owned brand and therefore is expected to be a lower price than others.

I chose to use grams to study the size of loaves instead of oz for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that I want to make this study able to be understood around the globe. And more people use the metric system. The biggest reason I did this is to differentiate between sizes. This will give us the most accurate measurement to find the best value of gluten free bread.

Prices and other information are accurate as of July 2021 and are subject to change without notice.

How Much Is Gluten Free Bread?

To answer this question, I wanted to use the same source for all my prices. The most obvious option was as it has so many brands. All the brands I looked at can be found through links above on

The range was what we expected. Around $5-$10 per loaf for all the major brands.

This was the easy part of the research and something we could see on almost any grocery store. But the real question is how will they stack up against the others when we look at weight, slices, and cost efficiency?

How Many Slices Do Gluten Free Loaves Have?

Here is where the loaves really started to look different. You can see that there are some outliers here, but most brands have decided on how many slices the average loaf of gluten free bread should have, 14-17. However we do see that Schar is sticking out in this category with only 5 slices of bread.

To really see what these numbers mean we need to look at the numbers a little more in depth. Such as how much does a loaf weigh and how much does each slice weigh in order to really see what is the best value of bread.

How Much Does A Gluten Free Loaf Of Bread Weigh?

This is where I found my first surprising find.

I am aware that Udi’s offers bread loaves that are a larger size, but in my experience, they are harder to find. For this reason, I did not want to include them in this study.

I always thought that Udi’s smaller loaf was close in size to the other loaves. But Udi’s and Schar are pulling away here in this regard. I expected it of the loaf I chose from Schar as I know this loaf is meant to have a larger size of the bread slice. Later on, we will see how it compares per slice compared to the other brands.

I chose to use the

How Much Does A Gluten Free Bread Slice Weigh?

Here is where we get to give Schar some credit. In the above comparisons, they haven’t been looking so great and this graph tells us why.

Schar has a small loaf and few slices. However, we see here that the size of the slices is a good chunk above the rest. Is this enough to make it worth it? We will see in the next graphs and comparisons.

If you are looking for a loaf with the largest slice, regardless of cost, this is the graph you want to see. Here we can easily see that Schar is the largest at 48g. The next closest is Franz and Rudi’s at 36.42g.

We do see that Udi’s slices are the smallest at 24.29g per slice. This isn’t surprising as they had a low average number of slices and the second-lowest total weight.

The other brands are holding out at that average they have kept across the other charts.

It is worth noting that Franz and Rudi’s are tied for the second-largest slices of bread.

How Much Is A Gluten Free Loaf Of Bread Per Gram?

Let’s dive right into this topic. This will tell us overall how much we spend on bread. Not per slice, but for all the ingredients that go into a loaf. How much does each gram of gluten free bread we eat cost?

Well, Schar isn’t looking so great here. They had one of the lower costs per loaf, biggest size pieces, but looking at the loaf overall they are the highest price by far.

This is somewhat surprising to me as I thought that the larger slices would end up evening out when you looked at the whole loaf. However, the size of their loaf was only 240g compared to an average size of over 500g, while the cost was on the higher side, 7.79 per loaf.

This may change if you find this loaf at a lower price during a sale or at your local store. But right now, it looks like this loaf is good for one thing: large pieces. Which you will pay a premium for.

365 was the lowest cost at 8.8 cents per gram, but I am cautious as all the prices come from and this is an Amazon brand. Which means they have an incentive to keep their product at the best price. Still, with a loaf size of 17 pieces and the lowest cost per gram, this brand is looking pretty good.

The others are mostly staying in the average range while Little Northern Bakery is inching up there towards Schar.

How Much Is A Gluten Free Loaf Of Bread Per Slice?

Which brand has the best deal per slice?

This is an important question because the size of the bread slice may not mean much if this bread is being made into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for children who can’t get enough. My kids have been flying through bread in this way at my house. Larger slices don’t mean much for this use of bread.

What does matter to us is how much it costs.

Well, check out Schar just blowing everyone out of the water! Over $1.50 per slice.

The others are all in a similar range when compared to Schar, but 365 by Amazon beats everyone. Honestly, I gotta give this to them. Because even if I bought Franz for $4.99 (like I did today), they have fewer slices and would still have been more expensive per slice.

As much as I have to be cautious about saying the brand whose site I used for cost comparison is the best deal, it’s turning that way even when I use other numbers.

What Gluten Free Bread Is The Best?

This is a loaded question after all the graphs so let’s talk about what the best is in each category.

Because the thing is that not everyone is looking for the same thing in a bread. What bread is best really depends on a number of factors which can’t be figured into a graph.

Size of bread: Schar beats everyone at this game. I didn’t use large bread sizes from other brands because I haven’t found them readily available in my experience, but it would be worth looking into. Comparing large bread sizes of each brand could be interesting. But if we are just looking at the 8 loaves of bread linked above for comparison, Schar has everyone beat.

Cost per slice: As much as I would like to interject doubt when it comes to Amazon brands, 365 just has everyone beat on the cost of bread per slice. A loaf at $4.99 with 17 slices beats everyone no matter how I look at it.

Cost per gram: Amazon’s 365 gluten free bread wins this category as well. To be honest, I’m surprised at this finding.

Amount of slices: If you want to get the bread that has the most slices per loaf, 365 and Katz are tied for that position at 17 slices each. Besides Schar with 5 slices on their large size bread slices, all the brands had between 14 and 17 slices.

If you want to look into the best gluten free breads by taste, texture, and quality, head on over to this article. The last item on the list is my #1 favorite bread, although it isn’t listed here as it comes in a boule, not a sliced loaf.


My passion is supporting those who need to be gluten free. After my family had to transition to eating gluten free I realized how difficult it is. It is more than finding a recipe. It is about how to navigate social situations, deal with isolation, and other things that come along with it. I live in Oregon with my family, cats, and chickens.

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