Good Food Made Simple is No Longer Gluten Free!

The brand “Good Food Made Simple” was known for its gluten free entrees, but they have recently changed their process and ingredients and are no longer gluten free.

Good Food Made Simple does not offer gluten free entrees. As of May 2022, Good Food Made Simple no longer produces gluten free food. They continue to offer food free of a variety of ingredients, but gluten is no longer on that list. Some retailers have not updated their information. Check the packaging for the most up-to-date information.

This has been a popular brand for quick and easy meals. This information is vital for those who have trusted and used this brand.

Screen capture from Good Food Made Simple website on June 6, 2022

Good Food Made Simple Changed Gluten Free Procedures

Good Food Made Simple is abbreviated GFMS, and since it has “GF” as the first two letters, there may be a misconception that the foods they produce are gluten free. However, due to the changes made to their production procedures, they are no longer producing gluten free products.

Screen capture from Good Food Made Simple website for the ingredients on their entree line that was formerly gluten free.

Good Food Made Simple Changed Procedures and Ingredients

Not only did they change their procedures as they state on the website, but the ingredients they are using have changed.

The above picture shows the ingredients list for one of the entrees Good Food Made Simple produces. As you can see from the photo, it’s not just the procedures that have changed, but the ingredients as well.

There is now a statement on the packaging that says the entrees contain wheat. If you read the ingredients list, the pasta is actually made using wheat. So this statement is not simply a warning about potential cross-contact with wheat and gluten products.

Good Food Made Simple is no longer made with gluten free ingredients and is not suitable for anyone avoiding wheat or gluten, even those avoiding wheat and gluten casually.

Screen capture from Good Food Made Simple on June 6, 2022, offers inaccurate information.

Good Food Made Simple’s Website May Not Accurately Reflect All Changes

More than a month after this change was enacted, Good Food Made Simple’s website is still reflecting inaccurate information.

The screenshots taken were all done on June 6, 2022, more than a month after these changes took place. The above photo demonstrates that some information has not been updated.

“…our entree meal line is certified gluten free” is no longer accurate. The above screen capture from the same date and time is shown above. That photo is from the entree line and clearly contains wheat and gluten. It is obviously not certified gluten free.

Good Food Made Simple’s website details the ingredients, they do not use in their food. Gluten is not included in this list.

Good Food Made Simple Is Not Gluten Free

Good Food Made Simple (GFMS) is very careful about the ingredients that they use to make the food on their lines. For quite a long time their entire line of entrees was gluten free, but that is no longer the case.

For information on that, refer to the photos in the article directly from Good Food Made Simple’s website.

For those that are not gluten free, there is a great list of ingredients that are used in their food. Organic, whole ingredients are fabulous! It is a real loss to the gluten free community that this change has been made.

This is exactly why you must always trust what the packaging says over any other details. During this switch, there may be products that are not labeled in the stores. And even the company’s website is not completely caught up yet.

Always check the ingredients list on products every time you purchase because changes to products and procedures may happen without notice.

For more information on what is and is not gluten free, see our gluten free resource page!


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