Brie Crostini

This brie crostini has been a favorite of mine for years. I brought this on the food cart when we were parked outside of an urban winery. The combination was a hit! We had many renditions of cheese plates that varied with the seasons. I tried to make everything seasonally appropriate as well.  At one point I even found a goat cheese farm locally I was going to order most of my cheese from. Unfortunately, they hit hard times and were unable to continue. Their product was amazing and artisan quality. If you can, get your produce and cheese from local vendors. The quality is superior. And keeping your money local has far-reaching benefits.

French Bread

This can be difficult to find gluten free. There are a few brands in grocery stores, but you will need to check the freezer sections. The ones that I typically see are Udi’s and Against the Grain. Either of these brands would work fine in this recipe.

If you can’t find these and don’t want to make your own, find hot dog buns! It’s a surprising substitution, but one that works very well. Just make sure that they are the variety that does not come presliced.


My passion is supporting those who need to be gluten free. After my family had to transition to eating gluten free I realized how difficult it is. It is more than finding a recipe. It is about how to navigate social situations, deal with isolation, and other things that come along with it. I live in Oregon with my family, cats, and chickens.

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