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Hi! I’m Fawn. I hope this site contains helpful information for you to help you in your own gluten free journey. I have struggled through and found things out the hard way and I’m hoping I can help some other people take a shortcut! Gluten free is hard. But gluten free kids is a whole other game. And those experiences together are how I have learned about gluten free.

I hope you find this helpful!

My Story

When my son was a baby he failed to grow at the normal rate. We couldn’t figure out what the issue was. Finally, the doctor told me to try a gluten free diet, the testing at the time was not available for a child that young. 

He grew and kept growing. He is now at the top of the growth curve and has stayed there! Gluten free was the answer for him. 

I’d always loved to cook, but finding gluten free options was a different story. I started learning about the science of baking and how each ingredient was actually interacting! 

I started baking for local craft shows under Cottage Laws in my state that allows at-home cooks to sell some products. Then I extended this to open a food cart in 2018. 

After the pandemic hit and I realized I could not reopen, I started this website to help people with gluten free questions. 

I realized that what I loved most about the food cart was the service I provided to the community and decided to focus on helping people.


My Views on Gluten 

Celiac vs Everyone Else

This is a dichotomy that was created. Not by or for those in the gluten free community but as a way of judging whether someone has the right to be gluten free. 

This site is for anyone that needs to be gluten free due to medical issues. This means Celiac, other autoimmune, gluten sensitivity, or management of symptoms. 

Going Gluten Free Gradually

If the option is to go gluten free all at once and creating a situation that someone goes back to eating gluten vs gradually going gluten free and remaining so for a lifetime, I choose the second option. 

Should Everyone Be Gluten Free?

This would help my family if everyone ate gluten free, but in general, I don’t approve. 

I don’t think gluten presents problems in the vast majority of people and it sure it easier if you don’t have to eat gluten free!

Gluten Free Lifestyle

No one chooses this lifestyle because they think it is fun. Being gluten free is not fun, exciting, or enjoyable. But the relief from symptoms or treating a disease is worth the social discomfort. 

Our society has decided that social gatherings must center around food. This makes going gluten free difficult socially as well as managing your own diet. 

Check out all the tips and questions answered in the section called “Life After Gluten”

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